Green Design Plantscape in Sterling, VA

Two Plants in Separate ContainersHere at CP Plantscape, Inc, our skilled horticulture experts select only the finest plant materials for all of our installations. Our supplier in the South Florida area handpicks all of our interior foliage from a carefully selected group of growers to ensure that we have the best plants available for each green design plantscape in Sterling, Virginia. Some of the growers that we work with have supplied us with foliage since our company’s inception in 1989, and they continue to offer the same level of unmatched quality that we’ve come to expect over the years.

Once your foliage has been selected, it will be shipped in climate-controlled trucks to our facility located near Dulles International Airport. Upon reaching our facility, your foliage will be acclimatized to the settings of your office environment. By conditioning your plants in advance, we ensure that they’ll be ready to thrive in the climate of your workspace as soon as they arrive.

Our Office Interior Plants Increase Productivity & Concentration

In addition to the natural appeal that they give your workspace, office interior plants reduce stress and increase productivity by establishing a calm environment for employees to operate in. They also improve the quality of air in your office by reducing dust, mold, and bacteria, making for a healthier workplace and significantly reducing the potential for sickness. Plants have been shown to lessen the amount of ambient noise in your office, as well, so you’ll be able to eliminate sonic distractions while increasing your employees’ ability to concentrate on their work. By having us install even a few new plants in your office, you’re making a positive long-term investment in the overall well-being of your workforce, which results in better production and happier workers.

Customized Indoor Plantcaping Solutions for Your Workplace

Balancing your workplace’s interior design elements while incorporating new indoor plantscaping features creates a more enjoyable environment for employees and clients alike. Whether you’d like to rework your existing décor, add a few simple elements, or upgrade your whole space, we’ll be glad to provide the indoor plantscape design solutions you need. All of our staff members have been trained to provide comprehensive service for a full range of design services, so you can count on us to make your indoor space come to life with one-of-a-kind plantscape creations.

Contact our staff for more information on our green design plantscape solutions. We provide service in Dulles & Sterling, Virginia, and the surrounding areas, as well as D.C., D.C. Metro Area and Northern Virginia.

Servicing All of Northern Virginia, Including:

Reston,  Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria, Tysons Corner, and Loudoun Co